Looking for fun things to do in Tucson this weekend? Then you'll find lots of exciting things to do here! We've compiled a list of our favorite things to do in Tucson and the surrounding areas that will add a little extra spice to life.
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Carnival of Illusion is an evening of Magic, Mystery and OOOH LA LA, the perfect night out for a special occasion. Visit this vaudeville-inspired "parlour of illusion" and be amazed and delighted by this unique and magical trip around the world with award-winning entertainers. Celebrate that special occasion or ask that special friend out for a hot date! They'll be impressed that you are in the know about this best kept secret and landed tickets. Carnival of Illusion is worth checking out for Tucson fun this weekend!

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VIVACE Vivace has been a hot-spot for good Italian food since 1993. In 2014 they moved from their old location to a new, larger spot in the foothills. What they've lost by the way of an intimate setting, they've made up for with a splendid views of the city, and the ability to book private parties for up to 50 people. The ambiance is lively and reservations are a must... even for lunch! The food is considered by some to be some of the best in the city for Northern Italian style cuisine. They also offer up a wonderful dessert menu for those who still have room after a big plate of pasta. This is fine dining Tucson style with fine dining prices and everyone should treat themselves once in a blue moon.

The fancy dining thing to do is eat at Vivace
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FOX THEATERThis beautiful historical theatre in downtown Tucson started out as a movie and vaudeville showplace opening its doors in 1930. As with many old theaters, it fell into decay at the end of the last century but it has been lovingly restored and saved from the wrecking ball. It opened its doors again in 2006 as a performance venue bringing great entertainment to happy crowds and enlivening the then somewhat sleepy downtown. The unique southwestern art deco decor and the great acoustics make this a super place to catch a live act or even a great classic movie.

Fox Tucson Theatre for a fun thing to do downtown Tucson
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MUSEUM OF MINIATURESThe Mini Time Machine or Museum of Miniatures is just that... a little time capsule of other times and places, all set in miniatures. Almost all of us have seen the miniature magic of a doll-house. But imagine a wizard's domain, or a Japanese temple, or a snowy Christmas scene in a quaint town all designed with the most minute detail at the most minute size. The museum started out as a private collection the owners then wished to share it with everyone. There are both permanent and temporary collections as well as classes and various special events. It's a magical place where imagination is key... looking into each miniature world, you can imagine different times, places and worlds.

The Mini Time Machine for a fun thing to do for all ages
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ROADHOUSE CINEMASRethinking the way we go to the movies, Roadhouse Cinemas combines some of the comforts of home with a night out. Reserved recliner seats, great homemade style food, a full bar, and first run movies make for a more comfortable and enjoyable night at the movies. The menu will go a long way towards quelling your hunger pangs: much farther than a greasy bag of popcorn! The lobby restaurant and bar is the place to start the evening, after which you have a choice of six different movies to watch, all at an affordable price. This might just become your favorite new place to see a film and grab a bite to eat at the same time.

Films this weekend at Roadhouse Cinemas
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ROGUE THEATREBoasting wonderful and provocative productions, the Rogue Theatre presents thoughtful, creative, and complex ideas for an evening out in an intimate setting. Their mission is to present the high quality theatre with emphasis on language and literature. From Shakespeare to Samuel Beckett to Virginia Woolf, the productions at the Rogue will stretch and delight at the same time. The Rogue Theatre will encourage intelligent discussions and applause. Each production is well crafted and pulls from an amazing pool of local talent, including a creative use of local musical talent.

Variety of shows at Rogue Theatre
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CUSHING ST. BAR AND GRILLELocated in one of Tucson's oldest neighborhoods, this restaurant has tons of Tucson charm with an old-world feel. Portions of the building date back as far as 1860 with original adobe walls and antique fixtures. This is a great place to come for a drink at the bar, a bite to eat with a group of friends, or a group of bites to eat friends. (That's what happens when you drink too many of their cocktails.) The menu is eclectic and tasty, with a mid-range price tag. It's a nice place to stop after a show or event downtown when you want something a little more upscale and charming. Or pop in on a Saturday night for live jazz with your dinner.

Downtown dining for a fun night out
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BROADWAY IN TUCSONBroadway here I come! Except you don't have to travel all the way to New York City to take in a big Broadway style production. You can find great large-scale productions happening right here in little ol' Tucson. All time favorites like Les Miserables, Cats, Fiddler on the Roof, and Wicked are up there alongside big name acts such as Jerry Seinfeld and Carol Burnett. Broadway in Tucson likes to do things big, bold, and Broadway style. Broadway in Tucson shows take place at the Centennial Theatre on the campus of the University of Arizona. Get your tickets early for the best seats.

a Tucson date night with tickets to Broadway in Tucson
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SENTINEL CARRIAGE CO.If the romance of a horse-drawn carriage appeals to you, then this is the ticket for that special occasion or romantic urge. Book your own private carriage for your wedding, party, prom night, or romantic sitting-close reason. Or join them for a Christmas ride, snuggled up under one of their warm lap robes next to your sweetie, while taking a tour of any neighborhood. Guided history tours are also on the menu for a daytime or evening jaunt. Relive the past by taking life a little slower and enjoying the rhythmic beat of the horses hooves as you experience this old-time mode of travel.

A romantic fun thing to do in Tucson
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TRAIL DUST TOWNWith a little bit of this and a little bit of that, you will find Trail Dust Town to be a bunch of fun, especially if looking for something kid-friendly. This cowboy town replica captivates with stunt shows, amusement rides, a lively steak-house and a museum dedicated to the horse soldier of days gone by. If you have a hankerin' for things of the old west, then this is just the place. Get an old sepia-tone photo taken, take a spin on the ferris wheel or try your hand at panning for gold. Most activities are open in the evenings only, so don't plan this as a daytime stop.

Tucson fun with the family
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UNSCREWED COMEDYFor family friendly improv theater at a great price, this is your ticket to a fun night out in Tucson. Friday and Saturday night performances are offered on a weekly basis, with the occasional uncensored show thrown into the monthly calendar. If you feel brave enough, you can also take a class in the challenging but zany fun style of theater and comedy all wrapped into one. Maybe you are the life of a party and want to explore taking that to the next level. Prepurchase tickets for a weekend show or take your chances and just show up for their next unscripted performance.

unscrewed laughter is a great thing to do in Tucson for fun
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For fun and entertainment in TUCSON THIS WEEKEND whether you're looking for theaters, a night on the town, or outdoor adventures, it is all here. Enjoy your Southwest adventures!

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